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Biodiversity Specimen Data

a collection of specific use cases of biodiversity specimen data, documented conceptually and, where possible, linked to technical solutions

Browse use cases sorted by category below. See helpful links and other code examples for additional information.

Drop-in hours

Check-out our drop-in hours. At the beginning of each session we will host a 5-10 minute demo, followed by an open agenda. If you know you have a question or topic that you'd like to focus on, feel free to sign up ahead of time to ensure that it is addressed in a particular session. Participants are welcome to drop by for only part of the hour.


The following demos provide an overview on how to use APIs and packages mentioned within this repo:

  1. What is an API?, recorded presentation from the Ecological Society of America Data Help Desk, 2020
  2. Basic overview of the ridigbio package (view in browser) (download for local use)
  3. Overview of iDigBio APIs, with an example of using the download API
  4. Demo of downloading records within a bounding box

Sources for specimen data

Interested in where you can find biodiversity specimen data? We complied a table of biodiversity data aggregators here!

Use cases


Collections management

Finding physical specimens