Link from aggregator to CMS record


  1. User needs to link between a specimen record on an aggregator and a specimen record in a collection management system (CMS).
  2. User needs to identify specimen records to link based on specimen record search.
  3. CMS provides specimen records that are accessible via a public URL.
  4. CMS specimen record URLs are predictable based on data contained in that published to the aggregator.
  5. Output should be a spreadsheet with clickable URLs.

Example scenario

Collection manager would like to address a handful of specimen records with taxonomy-related data flags on iDigBio. Instead of identifying these records on the iDigBio portal and then searching for them one by one in Symbiota, the collection manager would like to have a list of these records that could each direct to the editable specimen record in Symbiota.


Solutions hosted in this repo

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