Identify data that have been modified by aggregator data quality processing


  1. User wants to know how data have been modified by the aggregator data quality processing.
  2. User is familiar with fields that they might expect to be modified, e.g. those related to taxonomy or geography.

Example scenario

After publishing data to the iDigBio portal, a collections manager notices that some of their specimens are showing up with unexpected taxonomic identifications. The collections manager would like to know how many specimen records are affected and which taxonomic names are being modified. The collections manager suspects that some of these taxonomic name modifications may be due to differences of opinion between the taxonomic sources used by iDigBio and the internal expertise of the collection, but the collections manager also thinks it is possible that they have made mistakes or used some outdated names. Reviewing records where taxonomic data have been modified will help the collections manager ensure that if mistakes were made, they can be corrected.


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